American Marketing Association Merit Award, Jeanavive Janssen

Jeanavive Janssen News, Featured on The Village Blog.


Congratulations for the American Marketing Association Merit Award


We are so proud of our Director of Business Development Jeanavive Janssen for winning the 2018-2019 Special Merit Volunteer Award with the American Marketing Association, San Francisco (AMASF).  Jeanavive is approaching her second year on the Board of Directors as Vice President of Events for the AMA San Francisco Chapter. (

Amy Franjesevic, President of AMASF, says, “Jeanavive  has gone above and beyond the responsibilities of her role and has helped to elevate the statue of the chapter.”

We asked Jeanavive the following 3 questions about winning the award.

What do you feel your main contribution to AMA was this year?

My greatest accomplishment is the $75,000 worth of donations I helped to secure for the chapter.  My years of event and negotiating experience has enabled me to really support AMA this year.

As the VP of Events for the SF chapter, what event were you most proud of this year?

The Revolution of Marketing event held at Werqwise.  The event was geared towards CEO’s and had a fantastic turnout.  I led a team to produce and fully execute the event.

What do you envision next year looking like?

We are already working on some inspiring programming ideas.  We will be hosting an event at new venues and are striving to provide as much free access to new members as possible.

Please join the Village is wishing Jeanavive a heartfelt congratulations!

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