From Forbes: How To Get Into the Tech Industry

From Forbes: How To Get Into the Tech Industry

Recently a lot of middle-aged women have asked me how to get into the technology industry, and after asking them a bunch of questions, I began to realize that it can appear to be a very intimidating enterprise to newcomers. Some women told me that they were being discouraged from switching to the tech industry because “they were too old to learn…

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#NetworkGirl: Top Women Blogs c/o Ignite Social Media

100 Women Bloggers you should be reading


Veronica BelmontVeronica Belmont – Mostly tech and gaming focused, Veronica writes with infectious, geeky enthusiasm about what’s brand new.

Dawn FosterFast Wonder – Using a combination of her technical and business expertise, Dawn educates companies on how to get business value from being a part of online communities…without boring us to death.

Jenna Wortham The New York Times Bits Blog – Before writing for The New York Times, Jenna was a culture and technology writer for Wired, and it shows. Her pieces generally focus on smartly outlining digital culture, while simultaneously showing how people are putting new technologies to use in their lives and businesses.

Xeni JardinXeni Jardin – Xeni is a stylish and well-known tech culture journalist who watches the industry with both an aesthetic and functional eye. Find her on Boing Boing.

Corvida RavenSheGeeks – Corvida vets and blogs about useful tech services and tools with an eye to what is going to make your online journey less noisy and more interesting.

Adria RichardsBut You’re A GirlInspiredMag called her blog fresh for a reason, because Adria takes on tech – and life – with vibrant and energetic posts.