Hire People Who Aren’t Like You!

I recently attended a recruitment event as a guest and person to help “fill” the room…I had the opportunity to interact with several people from the company that have been trying to fill key head counts.   It is a an activity that is being brought back from the original “tech bubble“;  “happy-hours” for candidates, recruiters and employees which offer a chance to hang – ultimately for “team-fit” evaluations in a organic environment over drinks.

I read this article a while back and it really came to mind during this occasion: Hire People Who Aren’t Like You (and Other Tricks We’ve Learned While Transforming GM)

These were the assets the article recognized as important to identify:

  • Be an agile, smart leader
  • Be confident, yet humble
  • Show your thinking and contributions, not just your resume
  • A relentless desire to win
  • Be true to yourself Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook, Understand your biases, and hire people who are not like you. Diversity of thought shapes our culture.

With this in mind, since I had some time on my hands I thought I would explore this “happy- hour” opportunity**…

I AM EVERYTHING that is bulleted and bolded. The humble part sometimes a stretch but I am learning exposing that underbelly is a way to build more confidence and respect.  I was very honest in my interactions, that not even I can get the brass-ring every time, in a recent experience I was told I didn’t know “tech” and thought that was ironic but shared the experience as a chance to learn from the group what it is to be tech.

Side-Bar: What is tech, that is the question? I was doing “tech” back in 1999 building my own websites; I had one of the first social websites before FB and I was working with higher education to get their course-work online but back than it wasn’t the “tech” bubble it was just work, not a segmentation of an entire world…are you tech or not? it seems like the “golden chalice” is being in, and wanting to be in to get all the perks (stocks, free food, unlimited time off, etc.).  I ran into a high-school friend recently who has been living in Mexico with his new wife and child; she actually sent him back to the US to pursue this new Gold to send back home (his background is tours and Operations).

If outside of engineering, if one only hires tech to do tech, wouldn’t the end results diminish over time since everyone would only be contributing one type of mind-set? it was nice to hear that this company in the beginning actually had Chef’s and other personalities that had been team contributors.

Learning that, I thought that was cool, and worth a mingle to meet some of these alternative tech employees…thinking it could be fun to learn about the product and how they do what they do, but I could not pull it out of anyone; even when I poked and prodded for their elevator pitch and they said they didn’t have one. I said – “you don’t know who I am, I could have a multi million dollar company and need your service” the general consensus I am a top producer…I am doing fine without a pitch.  It really was cookie cutter conversations with these individuals and it might be why the company is having a hard time filling spots; it wasn’t a very engaging “happy-hour”. Made me think, I may not know the new “tech” but I know you got to ABC – Always Be Closing

Side-Bar: **Wherever you are is opportunities: I got to go to a Suite during a baseball game, and though entertaining I saw an opportunity; collecting all the companies names who had Suites and made a new target list for work the next day.  Again, wherever you are there is opportunities, even if not for yourself, everyone you meet could help someone else in your life or at least spur some fresh ideas….

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Love Is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends

Glassdoor: 10 Reasons Why Women Should Help Other Women in the Workplace

Read Original Full Article Here:

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”  – Madeleine Albright, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations

1. Today’s coworkers could be tomorrow’s managers.

2. You’ll make more money.

3. Your powerful network will grow upward, laterally and exponentially.

4. Giving kudos privately and publicly is smart.

5. Women will like you.

6. Paying it forward feels great.

7. It’s fun.

8. Woman are great leaders.

9. Women don’t forget – ever.

10. Women helping other women is the right thing to do.

Don’t forget NetworkGirl!

Your powerful network will grow upward, laterally and exponentially. Men have been doing this on the golf course and at cigar bars for a long time. People do things for people, not companies.Need a new job? You will have plenty of women to call. Your son or daughter needs a job? Ditto! Need a resource fast? Shoot out a LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter message and watch how fast the answer comes back. Your network is where the real power lies.

David and Goliath: Acts of Business, Brand and Power of One

David and Goliath: Acts of Business, Brand and Power of One

By Jeanavive Janssen aka the NetworkGirl

I had a recent experience associated with a Goliath Brand. One of those brands that have become a part of daily business and one that seems to be everywhere…one that is just accepted at the almighty service provider, one that I never thought of there being another…

For years I have used the service without a thought or care in the world, till one day it was taken away, no access, locked-out and my company had been so dependent on it that our time was frozen with no productivity.   Seemed like it should be any easy fix, as easy as it is to use…come to find that is not the case.

  • Long call wait time, used the let us call you back message feature. 1-hr. down and no call back.
  • Tried waiting on the phone line, over 30 mins. each time, with the phone system finally disconnecting just when it sounded like someone was about to pick-up, terrible on hold music, bugging staff as it was placed on speaker, while at the same time calling the 1-800# on cell. trying to get a real person.
  • One remote receptionist was doing all she could to escalate and made a case.; but nothing. She tried getting service through another department but was bounced back to same number
  • Tried our service rep. via phone message and linked-in message.
  • Escalated to broad usage social media, with 150k in town for a Goliath Conference, someone on the staff must be watching – hit Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-in with the cry for help (entering 3-hrs of down-time).
  • Response Rate after attempt to find someone manning the Fort:
    • Linked-in Company Page (messaging was all about what was going on in Goliath Conference): 1-hr
    • Twitter: 1-hr 27 mins.
    • Facebook: 10-hrs later
    • Call-Back (never got one)

In Less-than one-hour a competitor, and smaller company saw the cry and reached out to me direct. Without using an aggregate, it was literally their awareness and paying attention to the Goliath – they didn’t hesitate, they saw an opportunity to help.

It burst the “Goliath Bubble” for me, that there is more than one and reminded me the power that one can have against the Goliath, never feel trapped if you are not getting the service you deserve just because a Goliath is focused on other goals which leave the Fort unmanned – don’t be a hostage, there are other businesses out there that want to work with you right now; not when it is convenient.

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